After a long and trying year, I was able to get a vacation at the very last minute.  When the travel agent asked when I wanted to leave, "now would be good!".  Leaving on New Year's Eve I was able to celebrate the start of 2009 with the ocean and stars.
To view the beauty and serenity of Turquoise is a vacation for all


Spend a few minutes and look over the following pages.  One side benefit of not knowing anyone there, I got to take lots of pictures of me.  For those that are wondering, the skinny guy is for this year's New Year resolution: to look like that the next time I go to Turquoise!

With the new camera, I also made a few amateur movies.
The Fireworks I and The Fireworks II with a black sky filled with stars
The Corona Beer day my version of the Corona commercial...
more to come as I complete the pages...