Beth's Cabin
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The Hemlocks

We made a movie with sound that lasts about ten minutes.  Take a few minutes to relax and watch... (the movie takes about 30 seconds to start on a slow computer and you need a high speed connection, not a modem - because it has music and video)


A simpler life, a wood cabin surrounded by tall hemlocks, with only the basic things you need to spend time with friends and nature.  The warmth of a wood stove, the sound of a rushing stream, the humility of an outhouse, the peace of rolling hills.

  A woman at home with herself and her surroundings, Beth shares a tranquility hard to find in today's rush to make money and pay bills.  When I first listened to Beth talk of the cabin and the simple joys of fishing, I was pained to realize the last time I was fishing was as a child with my father.  How could I have gone so long without taking the time to enjoy such a pleasant pastime?  I envy her.  On any day, she can get in her car and in less time than it takes me to drive to work each day she can enter the world at 'The Hemlocks'.