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Sky Meadows State Park

The land for this park was donated in 1975 by Paul Mellon of Upperville to the Commonwealth of Virginia. It consisted of 1,132 acres. The name Sky Meadows came from former owner Robert Hadow, who named the property "Skye Farm" after an island in Scotland. In 1988 Mellon donated another 486 acres. This area has been developed into an equestrian staging and bridle trail area.  This picture is obviously not from August.

One of the joys of having a BMW motorcycle is to ride through the country side with no particular place to go.  On the first Saturday in August I was doing just that when my day had an interesting turn.  t was such a great day for a motorcycle ride through the Virginia countryside! After about 150 miles I spotted a sign for a state park and as I turned I saw a second sign advertising a yard sale at the caretaker's cottage.

The entire cottage would fit inside my garage - quaint and small would be appropriate! In the field above are cows. They share a well with the cows and when they drink too much - all the water turns brown - ugh!

A couple of folks are watching as I stop the motorcycle in the driveway just looking around.  Seeing their quizzical expressions I holler out,

"I'm just furniture shopping!"

Later, I'll feel pretty funny thinking about what I said.

I walk around a bit and find a couple really nice solid maple chairs with arms.  Old but very comfortable and only $3 each.  I'm thinking this would be perfect for the front porch, if they get a bit wet, who cares?

So as I'm thinking about the wooden chair I'm sitting on, nice chair, I ask in my smart aleck voice,

"Hey, how much is the delivery charge to Leesburg? "

A guy and girl sitting in the bamboo chairs says, "You buy these four chairs and I'll deliver for free!"

So I'm sitting there thinking, at $5 per chair for the ones he's selling, that's $20 to deliver, what a deal!

A few minutes later my new old chairs are sitting in his pickup, now I'm thinking that I'll be able to convince Milly (my next door neighbor) to take the bamboo chairs, and I make the mistake to walk through the cottage....



So then I see this table in their dining room and once again open my smart aleck mouth...

"How much for someone on a motorcycle?"

She answers, "For you, $100 if you can get it home!"


Out I go back to the wonderful guy with the four $5 chairs, and the rest is history. I now have 8 chairs and this solid oak table sitting in my dining room at home.


Who said you can't shop when riding on a motorcycle through the countryside?